Friday, July 13, 2007

Great Artistic Paintings Of Martin Welch!

Martin Welch is a skilled, professional and very artistic painter. Martin has done a lot of paintings which are very good and he has done it artistically.

Martin Welch is the owner of the Martin's Dale which is also his studio and gallery of his works. You can see his works at Martin Dale’s, located “at the loop”, 455 Dauphin Island Parkway, Mobile, Al. 36606.

Mr. Welch finished his studies at Spring Hill College with honors. He was also awarded as the Fine and Performing Arts Department President's Scholar for his outstanding works in painting. His works are in collections all over the Mississippi Delta, stretching from Memphis, Tn. to Yazoo City, Ms. His painting are also in Louisiana, South Carolina, Iowa and Alabama.

Martin said that “My journey as an artist has lead to a culmination of acceptance and living with myself as a whole instead of trying to push part of me away. I am made up of a whole and am growing not only comfortable with it but happy with it as well. The parts that I may pick and choose to push away are the ones that might bring me joy in living life.
I work with all types of things. Things found on the side of the road, things I buy and even things that are given to me. There is a lot to be said for working with anything and everything that I have. It enables me to see things anyway I want. To see alternative uses and to give something a new life. It expands life and helps me grow. I have not really grown so much as an artist in knowledge and technique as I have in knowing that I am an artist. I live it and that is who I am. I do things the way I am inside, and hope I can continue to respond to little bits of humanity scattered all around me.
I am shades of feelings and they all make me who I am, breathing life into my works and paintings. "Who I am" comes out in my art and in my environment and when "Who I am" is not in a creative and nurturing manure pile then I am not “right with the world.”

Check out some of the samples of his works! Here are the examples of his paintings.

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