Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Martin Welch's Property Locators Club Seminar

Martin Welch is the man behind the Property Locators Club seminar. Martin's approach to the said seminar is just like a traditional ways of making money from a property.

This seminar talks about the different practices and method of making money from a property. There are a lot of useful informations that you can get from the said seminar. The primary aim of the said seminar is locating properties. Martin makes a very clear outline on how you can make money or earn an income out of locating properties. Over the last 12 months, one of its members has earned £100,000 in commission just by doing this. Another earned £39,000 in six months, and one lady has earned £15,000 in her first month, with a further £5,000 to follow from the same deal. With the help of the criteria that Martin showed in finding for properties during the said seminar, they were able to achieve all this.

The club is divided into two sorts of members which are the Property Locators and Property Investors. The concept is that the investors need people to look for the good property deals and that's were the locators enters. Every time the deal is complete or becomes successful, the Locator will be able to get a commission fee. As of the present, there were 2,500 members and that also translates into buying power which I'm told results in discounts of 20 - 25% on some deals. There are ready-made deals already on the table with built in profit margins of up to £100,000, for those who want investments. The club has already produced a number of property millionaires in the three years it has been established - and two of them in less than six months. All of these methods were outlined very clearly, straightforward and understandable.

And the good thing is that when you join the seminar you will be receiving a freebie which contains the different methods and informations. Also you will be able to receive a set of video CDs which shows the previous seminars which is also very helpful and can help you to get additional informations about property investing.

Also Martin implies that there are different property opportunities around us which to be used and could help us to earn an extra income. There was also some very useful information to help people on low incomes get onto the property successfully.

I could say that this seminar was very valuable. And you will surely never regret why you join the said seminar. And I could say that this kind of business opportunity is surely a no-risk. This business opportunity really helps a lot for those people who want to earn an extra income. I could say that this seminar was really worth attending for and it’s very successful. People, who were able to join, will surely come out happy and not disappointed with the outcome.


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julia said...

Great opportunities for property dealers and the people .I recently got the training session it was very interactive and located a property deal.Great.It is generating the cash i expected

john said...

Nice to know that this club provides the money back guarantee with in 30 days of training session.When i completely enjoyed it working with veteran property locators.