Friday, July 13, 2007

Great Artistic Paintings Of Martin Welch!

Martin Welch is a skilled, professional and very artistic painter. Martin has done a lot of paintings which are very good and he has done it artistically.

Martin Welch is the owner of the Martin's Dale which is also his studio and gallery of his works. You can see his works at Martin Dale’s, located “at the loop”, 455 Dauphin Island Parkway, Mobile, Al. 36606.

Mr. Welch finished his studies at Spring Hill College with honors. He was also awarded as the Fine and Performing Arts Department President's Scholar for his outstanding works in painting. His works are in collections all over the Mississippi Delta, stretching from Memphis, Tn. to Yazoo City, Ms. His painting are also in Louisiana, South Carolina, Iowa and Alabama.

Martin said that “My journey as an artist has lead to a culmination of acceptance and living with myself as a whole instead of trying to push part of me away. I am made up of a whole and am growing not only comfortable with it but happy with it as well. The parts that I may pick and choose to push away are the ones that might bring me joy in living life.
I work with all types of things. Things found on the side of the road, things I buy and even things that are given to me. There is a lot to be said for working with anything and everything that I have. It enables me to see things anyway I want. To see alternative uses and to give something a new life. It expands life and helps me grow. I have not really grown so much as an artist in knowledge and technique as I have in knowing that I am an artist. I live it and that is who I am. I do things the way I am inside, and hope I can continue to respond to little bits of humanity scattered all around me.
I am shades of feelings and they all make me who I am, breathing life into my works and paintings. "Who I am" comes out in my art and in my environment and when "Who I am" is not in a creative and nurturing manure pile then I am not “right with the world.”

Check out some of the samples of his works! Here are the examples of his paintings.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Check Out Gentleman Creek Golf Club of Martin Welch!

Gentleman Creek Golf Club is a well known golf course. This golf course is situated at about 25-minutes drive from London. Martin Welch is the owner and designer of the said golf course. He skillfully took and advantage of the nice flowing Gentleman Creek, which brings it into play on 11 of the 18 holes.

It has several ponds on more holes so it's a must that you have a ball retriever in your bag. The 11th hole, which is the island green, is the most talked about and is an excellent hole for a tournament's contest. And also it has different holes that are considered as a stand out. This 106 yard par three will have you triple guessing your club selection and swing weight before taking your tee shot. Another hole that is considered as a challenging one is the 6th hole, which is a 552 yard par five.
Play is relatively straight ahead until you make your third shot, which must be played over both a creek and a pond to reach the green.

If you want to stay overnight with them, there are different overnight accommodations which is only a 25 minutes drive away from the golf course. Two rounds of golf plus overnight starting at only $75.00 based on double occupancy.

You will surely enjoy spending your time playing golf!

ImpactXoft Inc Appointed Martin Welch As The New EVP and COO

ImpactXoft, Inc. provides software used to manage the collaborative design process. ImpactXoft is a private, venture-funded software company providing a suite of products that enable Simultaneous Product Development. The IX SPeeD Suite for collaborative 3D design delivers a new way to manage engineering design changes that fosters innovation, accelerates the product development cycle, and reduces design costs. It is based on two key technologies unique to ImpactXoft: IX Instant Participation enables real-time or on-demand parallel product development, while IX Functional Modeling enables a flexible, behavior-driven design approach. ImpactXoft has formed a strategic partnership with Dassault Systèmes. This company has distributors and resellers around the world. ImpactXoft started its operation in 1999. One of the company's investors is Boston Capital Ventures, Intel Capital, JPMorgan Partners, and TechFund.

One of the key people and executives of ImpactXoft, Inc. is Martin Welch, where he is the Executive Vie President and Chief Operating Officer of the said company. Martin Welch was formerly with Adaptive Media Inc., a company developing web-based 3D visualization and collaboration tools. Before that position, he was director of product development at Formtek Inc., an enterprise document management and collaboration company. He also held a significant leadership role at EDS, a leading provider of information technology solutions. Welch began his career at McDonnell Aircraft Co. and The Boeing Company.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The New Chief Operating Officer Of Employers Insurance Group in the Person Of Martin Welch

Employers Insurance Group is a top commercial property and casual insurance industry.
This insurance company specializes in providing worker’s compensation products and services to small "Main Street" commercial businesses.

The company was able to achieved marked growth 6 years ago, expanding from a single state workers' compensation insurer to its current ranking as the 14th largest private workers' compensation in the United States, the company has eight branches and also provides workers' compensation products and services to small businesses in California, Nevada, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and Montana. EIG has been licensed in three additional states where increase efforts are scheduled to occur.

The EIG insurance company announces the promotion of Martin Welch as President and Chief Operating officer of the organization's insurance operations. Martin serves as a means in EIG's new operating structure and expansion plans. Welch is working in EIG since 2004 as Senior Vice President and Chief Underwriting Officer. Martin has more than 25 years of experience in workers' compensation and commercial property/casualty insurance. Mr. Welch obtained his degree in Finance at the University of Illinois and he is a Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter.

Employers Insurance Group (EIG), rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best for its financial strength EIG is a well known for superior services and competitively-priced products, including claims management, loss prevention consulting, and care management. This company is based in Reno, Nevada, with eight strategically-located offices serving seven states.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Martin Welch- The Great Mountaineer!

Martin Welch is an instructor and guide Northwest Adventure. This is situated in the south of the Isle of Skye. Where there are famous mountain ranges which include Skye's famous Cuillins. Also the nearby mountains ranges are the Britains mountains and within reach are the Torridons, Kintail, Knoydart and many others from north to the south.

Mr. Welch started mountaineering for more that 21 years. He transferred in the North West Highlands 19 years ago. But still, continued his love for the mountains and the wild remote areas in Scotland. He is also a professional instructor in rock climbing and he is a leader for the corporate events management training on Skye becomes.

For 12 years, Welch is a member of Association of Mountaineering Instructors (AMI) and for 10 years he achieved his MIC (This is the UK's highest mountaineering qualification) 10 years ago.

Here are the different mountaineering experiences of Martin Welch:

1. Reaching 8000m in the Himalaya on an attempt on Makalu.

2. Filmed the first non stop traverse of the Alpine 4000m peaks by Simon Jenkins and Martin Moran.

3. Climbed over 30 new routes in summer and winter in North West Scotland.

4. First ascents of unclimbed mountains in the Indian Himalaya.

5. Climbed in Canada, the Himalya, the Alps and Norway.

6. Extensive year round experience of Scotland’s mountains.

7. Has worked with the renowned mountain guide Martin Moran for over 15 years.

Many people are commonly afraid or anxious during a trip to the mountains, and his patience and understanding has helped countless clients overcome these fears and allow them to enjoy a stress-free and rewarding trip to the hills.

Delphi Corporation's New Board Of Director is Martin Welch

Delphi Corporation elected Martin Welch as its one of the board of directors. Martin was previously elected as auto parts and maker executive of the said corporation.
He will work on Delphi's audit committee.

He began his career in 1970, at Arthur Young(formerly Ernst & Young). Martin is also an executive vice president and chief financial officer of United Rentals. This company is an equipment rental which is situated in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Martin's past work experience were the following:

2002- York Management Services serves as the Director and business advisor
1995-2001- Kmart Corporation worked as a Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Welch was able to restructure the company's balance sheet and strengthen the company's financial operations.
1991-1995- Federal-Mugol Corporation also a Chief Financial Officer
1982-1991- Chrysler Canada, Chief Financial Officer.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Driving Campaign For Organ Donors of Martin Welch!

There were more than 14.4 million people already joined the NHS Organ Donor Register.
And if more people signing up, the more people and lives could be saved. The primary concern of this campaign is to raise awareness about the success of the transplantation and the quick need for more organ donors.

Martin Welch is the emergency services supervisor at Scunthorpe. He helps in organizing a drive or campaign all over the Scunthorpe and he has set up a place where colleagues can pick up organ donation information packs. He also helps in delivering patients and organs to Papworth and Great Ormond Street hospitals.

Welch in his own ways was able to help the people who are in need of transplant by distributing informations packs through leaflets and posters available from UK Transplant's Organ Donor Line. He has made sure they are available all over the site for staff to pick up: at security control, security gatehouses, receptions, the canteen and the occupational health centre. Through his efforts and initiative he was been publicized his initiative through the Corus trade union magazine.

You too, just like Martin Welch can help in your own little ways. And it can help a lot for the people who are in need of transplant.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Martin Welch- Chief Financial Officer at United Rentals Inc.

Martin Welch was presently chosen as the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at United Rentals. Welch has spent more than three decades in financial management for public and private companies.
Martin was also able to work also as chief financial officer for Federal-Mogul Corporation from 1991 until 1995. Welch was able to work on several finance positions at Chrysler Corporation from 1982 to 1991, including chief financial officer for Chrysler Canada.

Martin's first career in 1970 was at Arthur Young (presently Ernst&Young).
As a certified public accountant, Welch serves on the boards of York portfolio companies Northern Group Retail Ltd. and Popular Club Plan.
Martin Welch finished his Bachelor of Science with the degree in Accounting and finished his Masters of Business Administration in Finance at University of Detroit Mercy Where he is also a member of Board of Trustees.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Martin Welch As An Archaeologist

Archaeology is the study of the past through material remains left by human’s activities.

This is studied in all parts of the world, and above and below ground or under water. Archaeologists also explore concepts such as past social structures and beliefs systems and the status of women in prehistory.

Martin Welch is an archaeologist at the Institute of Archaeology UCL in which he is the Senior Lecturer. Martin's research interests is more focused on the Pist-ROman Archaeology, Early Anglo-Saxon Archaeology and about Migration Period Europe.

Martin Welch was able to attain his degree in Modern History and also took his Masters Degree in Modern History at Oxford. He also got his Diploma in Prehistory at the same university also. He also finished his Doctorate in Anglo-Saxon Archaeology at Oxford.

Martin Welch's latest publications are the following:

1.) Welch,M. (2006). Thmpson, V., Dying and Death in Later Anglo-Saxon England. Speculum 81(2, April), 619-620
2.) Welch,M. (2006). Some recent finds of elite warrior burials in Anglo-Saxon England. in Delestre,X., Kazanski,M.,Périn,P. (ed.) De l’Âge du fer au haut Moyen Âge. Archéologie funéraire, princes et élites guerrières (actes des tables rondes Longroy I (1er et 2 septembre 1998), Longroy II (24 et 25 août 1999). Mémoires publiés par l'Association française d’Archéologie mérovingienne, tome XV series. Paris: l’Association française d’Archéologie mérovingienne, 62-68. ISBN: 2-9524032-0-1
3.) Welch,M. (2006). Cross-Channel contacts between Anglo-Saxon England and Merovingian Francia: an Anglo-French Research Project. in Delstre,X., Kazanski,M.,Périn,P. (ed.) De l’Âge du fer au haut Moyen Âge. Archéologie funéraire, princes et élites guerrières (actes des tables rondes Longroy I (1er et 2 septembre 1998), Longroy II (24 et 25 août 1999). Mémoires publiés par l’Association française d’Archéologie mérovingienne, tome XV series. Paris: l’Association française d’Archéologie mérovingienne, 103-111. ISBN: 2-9524032-0-1
4.) Welch, M. (2003). Migrating Hordes?, in The Land of the Dobunni, eds. M. Ecclestone, K. S. Gardner, N. Holbrook, and A. Smith. Oxford, 65-7
5.) Welch, M. (2002). Cross-Channel Contacts between Anglo-Saxon England and Merovingian Francia, pp. 122-131. In Lucy, S. and A. Reynolds (eds), Burial in Early Medieval England and Wales. London: Society for Medieval Archaeology Monograph 17.
6.) Welch, M. (2001). The Archaeology of Mercia, pp. 147-159. In Brown, M.P. and C. A. Farr (eds), Mercia: an Anglo-Saxon kingdom in Europe. London and New York: Leicester University Press.
7.) Sherlock, S. & M. Welch, (1992), Anglo Saxon Cemetery at Norton Cleveland.
8.) Down, A. & M. Welch, (1990), Chichester Excavations 7.

Martin Welch's Property Locators Club Seminar

Martin Welch is the man behind the Property Locators Club seminar. Martin's approach to the said seminar is just like a traditional ways of making money from a property.

This seminar talks about the different practices and method of making money from a property. There are a lot of useful informations that you can get from the said seminar. The primary aim of the said seminar is locating properties. Martin makes a very clear outline on how you can make money or earn an income out of locating properties. Over the last 12 months, one of its members has earned £100,000 in commission just by doing this. Another earned £39,000 in six months, and one lady has earned £15,000 in her first month, with a further £5,000 to follow from the same deal. With the help of the criteria that Martin showed in finding for properties during the said seminar, they were able to achieve all this.

The club is divided into two sorts of members which are the Property Locators and Property Investors. The concept is that the investors need people to look for the good property deals and that's were the locators enters. Every time the deal is complete or becomes successful, the Locator will be able to get a commission fee. As of the present, there were 2,500 members and that also translates into buying power which I'm told results in discounts of 20 - 25% on some deals. There are ready-made deals already on the table with built in profit margins of up to £100,000, for those who want investments. The club has already produced a number of property millionaires in the three years it has been established - and two of them in less than six months. All of these methods were outlined very clearly, straightforward and understandable.

And the good thing is that when you join the seminar you will be receiving a freebie which contains the different methods and informations. Also you will be able to receive a set of video CDs which shows the previous seminars which is also very helpful and can help you to get additional informations about property investing.

Also Martin implies that there are different property opportunities around us which to be used and could help us to earn an extra income. There was also some very useful information to help people on low incomes get onto the property successfully.

I could say that this seminar was very valuable. And you will surely never regret why you join the said seminar. And I could say that this kind of business opportunity is surely a no-risk. This business opportunity really helps a lot for those people who want to earn an extra income. I could say that this seminar was really worth attending for and it’s very successful. People, who were able to join, will surely come out happy and not disappointed with the outcome.