Thursday, March 27, 2008

Discovering Anglo-Saxon England- Book Written By Martin Welch

Martin Welch is an author and publisher of different books. He is quiet interested in writing about history. This guy loves to study histories of the past especially English history.

One of his best books he published is the book entitled "Discovering Anglo-Saxon England. This book contains the the history of early medieval England. It shows the history from the end of the Roman Britain up to the formation of Anglo-Saxon kingdom during the 5th century. This book was published in January 1993 and published by Pennsylvania State Univ Press with ISBN-10: 0271008946 and ISBN-13: 9780271008943.

This book is one of the best references that you can check out if you are interested to learn more about the England's history during the time of Anglo-Saxon. This book contains all the information and reliable facts that are important.

If you are looking for the best reference about the Anglo-Saxon history, Martin Welch's book could be your best choice. You will surely get all the information the you need to know.