Friday, June 27, 2008

Marty Welch as Board of Director at Minnesota ChildCare Association

Minnesota ChildCare Association is also one of the schools that cares for the importance of each child. One of the members of their Board of Directors is Marty Welch. Mr. Welch is the Director at Children’s Discovery Academy.

Welch is glad to be apart of this great association where he can help and share his knowledge for the welfare of each child. “MCCA is committed to being a forceful advocate in conveying child care center concerns to the regulatory decision makers at the state and national levels.”

To make sure that they deliver quality service, MCCA provides a forum where you can express your concerns regarding different issues you wish to know like, Rule Revision, Child Care Assistance Programs, Consensus Standards, Best Practices and Relationships with Legislators. Joining the Minnesota Child Care Association (MCCA) gives you an opportunity to become actively involved in improving the child care industry as a whole with direct benefits for you and your center. This association has good vision that is very helpful to the society as a whole.

Marty Welch, done his best to make sure the he delivers and performs his job well as one of the Directors. :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Welch: Owner of the Children's Discovery Academy

Marty Welch- best example to follow. Marty cares a lot and values the importance of children, she decided to put a school. Marty is the owner of the Children's Discovery Academy. It's an educational child care and private kindergarten school located in Vadnais Heights, Minnesota and Little Canada, Minnesota. The academy started to operate in July 1982 and up to the present it still continues it's service with over 100 children.

So if you want your child to get a quality education, why don't you check out this school? I'm sure your child will learn a lot of things and also you can make sure that your child is cared a lot. For each child in the said school is provided with great comfort. And of course his/her talents and abilities will be nurtured or developed.

Marty actively participated in different groups and some of this are Minnesota Child Care Association, Vadnais Heights Economic Group,BNI-Red Hot Referrals. Welch got her degree at Stephens College from 1980 to 1984. Hope more people will be like Marty Welch who gives care to each child especially when it comes to education.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mr. Welch as Loan Agent at CWC Financial

Marty Welch is one of the loan agents at CWC Financial. This company offers home financing services. This company gained various awards of it's great service. CWC Financial's goal is "simplify the mortgage process and provide you with the information you need to make informed and comfortable decisions regarding your mortgage options."

The company receives different prestigious awards. And here are some of those awards.
The Diamond Certified award is presented only to mortgage brokers and other local service companies that rate “highest in quality” in a detailed, independent customer satisfaction study of their customers served during the previous four-year period. And CWC Financial is very proud that they were qualified and was chosen to receive this award. They were also chosen as the Preferred Lender for O'Brien Homes communities. Also a certified Home Ownership Accelator loan agents.

Mr. Welch, is very proud that he belongs on this very great lending company. And Marty is doing his job in order to help people who are also interested to own a house of their own. And of course to maintain the good reputation of his company. So if you are looking for a company that offers a fair rate and quality services, why don't you check out CWC Financial or if you want someone to assist, Marty Welch is willing to help you.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Martin Welch, DBA at Quaker Oats

Martin Welch is the DBA at Quaker Oats company. Martin is working in the said company since 2004 and up to the present.

To give a little background about Quaker Oats:
It started to operate in 1901, when a group of Americans decided to incorporate together and decided to name the company as Quaker Oats. The said company was successfully launched and they provide quality services and products to it's customers. After 100years of it's operation, in August 2001, Quaker Oats decided to merged with PepsiCo, Inc, where Martin was employed. Upon the merging of both companies, Welch worked in Quaker Oats and still holds the position up to the present. This company is located in Chicago Area.

From 1969- 1979, Martin finished his education at Creydon College. After he graduated, he started to search for the job and luckily he was able to work in different companies.

Martin's previous jobs are the following:

1997 — 2003 (6 years)

DBA Lead
2005 — 2007 (2 years)

Premier Farnell
2005 — 2007 (2 years)

2004 — Present (4 years)

Quaker Oats
Presently holds this position

Martin Welch performs well on his job! ;)