Thursday, June 19, 2008

Welch: Owner of the Children's Discovery Academy

Marty Welch- best example to follow. Marty cares a lot and values the importance of children, she decided to put a school. Marty is the owner of the Children's Discovery Academy. It's an educational child care and private kindergarten school located in Vadnais Heights, Minnesota and Little Canada, Minnesota. The academy started to operate in July 1982 and up to the present it still continues it's service with over 100 children.

So if you want your child to get a quality education, why don't you check out this school? I'm sure your child will learn a lot of things and also you can make sure that your child is cared a lot. For each child in the said school is provided with great comfort. And of course his/her talents and abilities will be nurtured or developed.

Marty actively participated in different groups and some of this are Minnesota Child Care Association, Vadnais Heights Economic Group,BNI-Red Hot Referrals. Welch got her degree at Stephens College from 1980 to 1984. Hope more people will be like Marty Welch who gives care to each child especially when it comes to education.

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