Friday, May 16, 2008

Best English Teacher at Bryant High School- Martin Welch

Martin Welch is one of the English teachers at Bryant High School. He teaches English 12 in the said school. This school is located at Irvington, AL. And this considered also as one of the best schools that offers quality education. They make sure that each of their students earned enough knowledge and responsible enough. The school's mission is "To provide a productive learning environment that fosters personal growth and good citizenship and offers equal opportunities for each student to become a successful, responsible, independent, lifelong learner serving worthy purposes in society."

Martin finished his college with the degree of B.S. Secondary Education/ Language Arts at University of South Alabama. He took his M.Ed Educational Leadership at the same university also.

Before Martin entered Bryant High School, he was able to teach in different schools and that makes him to be more experienced and effective Language Arts teacher.
Martin Welch were able to teach in the following schools:

*Alba Middle School 1998--2004

*Semmes Middle School 2004--2005

*Bryant High School 2005--Present

Martin Welch is considered as one of the best teachers in the said school. According to some of his students, Martin is really cool and has a great sense of humor. His students always have a great time during their class with him.

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