Friday, July 6, 2007

Driving Campaign For Organ Donors of Martin Welch!

There were more than 14.4 million people already joined the NHS Organ Donor Register.
And if more people signing up, the more people and lives could be saved. The primary concern of this campaign is to raise awareness about the success of the transplantation and the quick need for more organ donors.

Martin Welch is the emergency services supervisor at Scunthorpe. He helps in organizing a drive or campaign all over the Scunthorpe and he has set up a place where colleagues can pick up organ donation information packs. He also helps in delivering patients and organs to Papworth and Great Ormond Street hospitals.

Welch in his own ways was able to help the people who are in need of transplant by distributing informations packs through leaflets and posters available from UK Transplant's Organ Donor Line. He has made sure they are available all over the site for staff to pick up: at security control, security gatehouses, receptions, the canteen and the occupational health centre. Through his efforts and initiative he was been publicized his initiative through the Corus trade union magazine.

You too, just like Martin Welch can help in your own little ways. And it can help a lot for the people who are in need of transplant.

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