Monday, September 3, 2007

Martin Welch- Board of Director At Greater Philadelphia Cares

Greater Philadelphia Cares helps by supporting and creating lively communities by inspiring and encouraging people to get involve and volunteer their time, talents and resources. This organization provides a clear path to service for all, developing the impact of non-profit agencies throughout the Greater Philadelphia region.

This said organization organizes more than 15,000 volunteers to join in a different flexible, various service opportunities as well as customized service projects for civic and corporate groups. Most of their projects take place outside traditional work hours and Greater Philadelphia Cares requires no training and they have only a one-hour orientation. People with busy schedules can still find the time to tutor children, feed the hungry, assist people living with disabilities, revitalize gardens, help bridge the digital divide, visit the elderly, and participate in many other hands-on activities designed and managed by Greater Philadelphia Cares. As a Greater Philadelphia Cares volunteer, you can serve once a week, once a month, or from time to time.

Greater Philadelphia Care's service is more concerned with the vital needs and should be addressed as much as possible. The following important areas are children's education, computer literacy, environment, hunger relief, strengthening families and social action, etc.

If you are looking for an organization to join that is fun and has an energetic staff, then join Greater Philadelphia Cares organization. This organization is considered as the largest provider of volunteer services in the Greater Philadelphia region. They are always looking for hard working and diligent individuals to help make an impact on our community. One of their Board of Director is Martin Welch.

Joining the said organization is really great! You got the chance to meet different people and make friends with them. And most important, you are able to help the community and people that are in need. It’s really feels so good to help those are in need. So what are you waiting for? Volunteer and feel free to join the team!:)

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Raymond Chua said...

I have just came back from an old folks home few days ago and I feel great for being able to give them some help.