Thursday, September 20, 2007

Martin Welch- Founder and President at RIWEBB Inc. and Computer Software Consultant

Martin Welch is the founder and president at RIWEBB Inc. and Computer Software Consultant. Martin was able to work in different companies before he become the president of RIWEBB Inc.

For more than 3 years, Martin Welch was hired at FORMTEK as the Director Product Development. He was hired as the VP Engineering. He managed the product development organization, which was comprised of two offices, one in Pittsburgh, PA and the second in Palo Alto, CA. Managed the transition from a UNIX based client/server product to a web based product.

After he left FORMTEK, he worked at Adaptive Media as the Vice President for Engineering from September 1998 up to June 1999. Hired as VP Engineering to successfully complete first 3D streaming product. This was completed in February 1999, 5 months after joining Adaptive Media. Redirected and restructured management team to effectively manage two major product lines, streaming video and streaming 3D.

Martin also worked at ImpactXoft Inc. as the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. During his work there, he was successfully completed three venture rounds that he was able to raise approximately $15M. Successfully completed two strategic partnerships that brought an additional $25M to the company. Martin served the company for more that 6 years and 6 months from June, 1999 until November, 2005. He handled all the Chief Financial Officer functions.

Mr. Martin Welch, is really a great person! He performs well each of his job in every company that he worked with. Martin got his degree at the University of Washington, Seattle - Business School in 1974 — 1978. Great job Martin Welch! ;)

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